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Norwegian Fish Club Odin

Norwegian fish club Odin

Chartered in 1992, the Norwegian Fish Club Odin serves as a forum for persons who are born in Norway or of Norwegian ancestry or who simply have interest in Norway, its language, culture, and/or history.


You may have heard of a fish club somewhere else, but there is no fish club such as ours.  This year we are celebrating our 24st year with various gatherings, during which each member or guest enjoys an array of cultural and culinary experiences.


When one combines the cultural, linguistic, and fine culinary ingredients with a dash of Norse Mythology, the recipe spells FUN!!!  If you enjoy a good Norwegian fish dinner, an opportunity to speak or hear Norwegian, drink fine Aquavit, and hear a good joke or two, you should consider the Norwegian Fish Club Odin.  In addition, officers and various members dress in Viking attire.  That’s right; we have FUN!!!  If you are curious and looking for a club like ours, join us for an evening promised to entertain you.


Our membership is comprised of fine individuals from ages 21 and up from diverse backgrounds—education, government, law, engineering, business as well as the finely distinguished field of leisure—with a propensity for fun.  We meet at Norway Hall in Vista at 2006 East Vista Way, Vista, CA 92084.

Norway Hall

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Norwegian Fish Club Odin

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